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What is pandadoc? More than 20,000 companies use PandaDoc, an electronic signature software solution, to prepare sales documents and speed up business. Their quoting software application has advanced features including templates, interactive quoting, version tracking, the ability to accept payments via files and CRM interfaces, in addition to the power of basic electronic signature services. You can quickly customize the features that are now active in your account thanks to the plugin store created by PandaDoc.

In 2011, Mikita Mikado and Sergey Barysiuk founded PandaDoc. Currently, PandaDoc employs over 350 people and is headquartered in San Francisco, California. PandaDoc's goal is to allow sales groups to customize paperwork to increase closing rates and foster long-term customer relationships.

PandaDoc can be used for any type of legal agreement, with a particular focus on supporting sales professionals throughout the negotiation process. Legally binding signatures, a file editor, a materials library, a multi-part signature, design templates, inspection reports, and notifications are among the key features. In addition to these features, it comes with tools designed specifically for sales teams consisting of interactive quoting, version and redline tracking, the ability to accept payments via CRM files and adapters.

PandaDoc offers an extremely useful free strategy to help you send an unlimited variety of files. There are numerous limitations to the free strategy, such as: B. Not using PandaDoc's built-in editor. In general, PandaDoc's paid strategies are profitable compared to completing articles on the market. DocuSign, SignNow, and Proposify offer plans with similar features at the same cost.

We found PandaDoc to be the best choice for sales reps and any business with a more complex document workflow. Whether you're an individual or a small business looking for an easy-to-use electronic signature tool, the free plan is an affordable option.

PandaDoc Kosten & Tarife

PandaDoc charges non-business customers between $0 and $59 per user each month. The advanced plans come with a bonus that is not available in the cheaper plans.

  • The free eSign costs nothing per user each month
  • The minimum: $25 per monthly user.
  • Business: $59 per user per month.
  • Businesses: Request a quote from PandaDoc today.

Google Docs Features

Next, we review the main attributes of PandaDoc. To help you understand the architecture and design of the product, we will also share screenshots of the product.

Modify and Templates

PandaDoc comes with over 450 design templates that you can customize and change for your business. You can change the branding and language of your documents, include specific fields, and insert material from PandaDoc's content library using the file editor.

Templates are extremely useful when it comes to automating file flow. You can save time and maintain consistency in your material by using the exact same design templates over and over again.

Over 450 templates including sales quotes, offers, and invoices are always available on PandaDoc. Also, you can upload your own files and keep them as templates. However, after publishing, MS Workplace files, PDFs, and photos cannot be edited. PandaDoc allows you to modify Docx files.

You can send the following types of files with PandaDoc:

Word, PNG, JPG and Docx file editor

There is a document editor that existed with PandaDoc, leaving aside the free electronic signature strategy. Blocks, fields, styles, variables, and themes can be used to customize files and embed them in applications. This is advantageous because you can change documents without constantly having to submit new ones.

You can include the following fields in the files:

  • Initials in the signature text field
  • Data\sCheckbox.
  • The drop down list.
  • Card information.
  • version control.

With PandaDoc, you can collaborate with others on the same file and keep track of changes made to it, thanks to version control tools. Additionally, variance control allows you to restore the most recent version of the file if it is lost or damaged.

PandaDoc's Version History feature allows you to view previous iterations of files, templates, and content libraries. If someone: A new variation is made and kept immediately.

  • change a file.
  • Documents are sent.
  • returns a document.
  • a paper with red marks.
  • Features of an advanced file editor.
  • PandaDoc's file editor has several sophisticated features.

Stock file.

The business and business strategies offered by PandaDoc provide users with access to a library of content. Any content that you normally use in files can be stored in the Resource Library. You can save custom brand blocks there. You can save time and maintain consistent branding by including them in your content library files. This increases the credibility of your company.

You can include the following types of content in your resource library:

  • Designvorlagen\sDocumentos.
  • single pages.
  • private blocks of material.
  • special mark.
  • You can apply custom branding to your documents and communications using PandaDoc's business and enterprise plans.

With the help of this tool you can:

  • Add your personal logo design.
  • Edit the email footer text.
  • Change the color of the email notification button.
  • Remove the PandaDoc logo from the subject line.
  • Different languages.

You can change the default language displayed in your recipients' emails and user interfaces using PandaDoc. Although PandaDoc only supports English, they do support additional languages ​​such as:

  • French
  • Italian
  • Español
  • Dutch
  • German.

file workflow

Document workflow is the development, modification, submission, completion, and storage of your documents. A productive archiving process improves internal and external interaction within your service.

The document procedure provided by PandaDoc is easy to use and very efficient. PandaDoc offers useful file management features, such as real-time notifications, multiple signing options, adapters, and an API. It just doesn't have a progress indicator to show you how close your files are to completion.

Sending your documentation.

When you are ready to send a finished file, PandaDoc offers the following alternatives:

  • Edit a custom message for the recipient.
  • Set an expiration date.
  • Add continuous and one-time reminders.
  • Set forwarding preferences (you can allow signers to forward files for signing).
  • Set reminders and renewal dates (business plan only).

The PandaDoc Business and Business plans offer advanced alternatives for sending documents. Mass mailing and personal signature are some of them.

Document signing.

Overall, we felt the Pandadoc document signing process was quick and easy. In addition, PandaDoc offers several innovative features that are not available in competing software products, such as: B. Recipient analysis.

PandaDoc directs you to the first field to sign, fill or initialize when opening a file and clicking the "Start" button. PandaDoc's interface uses arrows to direct you to additional fields that you must also submit.

file retention.

This includes a search bar and the ability to organize files by status and last modified date. You can also create your own folders to organize your documents.

PandaDoc provides faster ways to easily navigate to different file classifications, as shown on the left side of the image above. In addition to the status, you can view documents you've recently written that are about to expire or need to be retrieved.

customer analysis.

In the documents it provides, PandaDoc tracks customer habits. This will help you understand the effectiveness of your posts and the level of customer retention. The information that PandaDoc offers consists of:

  • The last time a client viewed the file.
  • The number of times a consumer viewed each page.
  • the period during which a client edited the document.
  • The total time a user actually spent on each page.
  • When the client last accessed the file.
  • If you downloaded the .

The integration.

Zapier, which can be used to connect to the following software applications, contacts PandaDoc:

  • Leads with Google.
  • mailbox.
  • Execution.
  • HubSpot\sBox.
  • Evernote.
  • Microsoft APIs and OneDrive.

PandaDoc's business strategy includes an API that allows designing a very special document process. The creation of documents and the electronic signature are 2 examples of customizable treatments. For example, when a potential customer contributes to your CRM, a software engineer on your team can use the API to develop a new file.

Are you very suitable for PandaDoc?

Depending on the strategy, the PandaDoc electronic signature tool can be used not only by individuals, but also by small and large services. All of PandaDoc's plans are on par, if not better than most of its competitors, which consist of DocSketch and DocuSign. Overall, the strategy is easy and effective to use.

We recommend PandaDoc's free plan if you are an individual or small organization looking for affordable and easy-to-use software. If you are a member of a sales team or work for a larger organization with a more complex file close process, we recommend that you consider PandaDoc's paid strategies.

More than 20,000 services use PandaDoc, an electronic signature software service, to prepare sales documents and expedite the deal. PandaDoc offers an extremely advantageous free plan that allows you to upload an unlimited number of files. PandaDoc includes a file editor, which bypasses the free eSignature plan. The document processing offered by PandaDoc is very efficient and easy to use. The PandaDoc Enterprise strategy comes with an API that allows you to design a fully autonomous document process.

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