TOMORROW X TOGETHER's 'The Name Chapter: Temptation' Is K-Pop's Biggest Step Yet Related Stars: 'It's Really Our Story' (2023)

When TOMORROW X TOGETHER is displayedthe first viewsfor youBillboard 200 #1 - CompeteAlbumThe Name Chapter: Temptation, to diekpopThe boy band quickly set the internet ablaze with dreamy, revealing photos and videos. Even if the group's millions of fans and supporters don't regularly gear up for fantastic photo shoots and TV appearances, the quintet is honest about the relatable spirit of achieving their goals and shows why TXT is increasingly reclaiming their title as "K -popthe voice of Generation Z.

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when discussingThe Name Chapter: Temptation, TOMORROW X TOGETHER de Soobin,Yeonjun, Beomgyu, TaehyunyHueningKaI am not discriminating when I talk about how diet, idleness and exercise impact their lives as musicians and ordinary people alike. At just 20 years old, youngest member HueningKai describes resistance to certain foods as a "war on food," perhaps an integral part of his K-pop experience, but also a battle everyone fights from time to time. . Taehyun mentioning “the temptation of laziness” might be more memorable for a busy star, but who hasn't had a morning where they've hit the snooze button an exceptional number of times?

TOMORROW X TOGETHER don't preach overcoming addictions or pretending not to succumb to temptation, but they awaken these shared experiences through remarkable creative contributions (such as "Happy Fools" withcoi leray) and the most impressive choreography of her career (see "Devil by the Window" and new single "Sugar Rush Ride"). The boys emphasize that not only their lived experiences are inThe Name Chapter: Temptation, but the front-to-back listening experience reveals the next page of their story, which is sure to continue with this deeper look at these five endearing and empathetic superstars.

Read Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and HueningKai's thoughts on their latest EP, new goals, favorite songs, and more.

Congratulations on the new song, TOMORROW X TOGETHER! What are you most looking forward to starting this new chapter?

TAEHYUN:What I'm most looking forward to is the reaction from our fans when the song is released for the first time. When we're getting ready for the release of the album and that's when we make the most of it, we're finally releasing the feel of the album.

your album titlesthe dream chapterychaos chaptergive obvious clues as to where the song is going, thoughthe name chapterit's a little more open. you can explain

TAEHYUN: We always talk about growth. we talk about friendshipthe dream chapterAnd some love to break ourschaos chapter. and finally we arrivedthe name chapterand you know you need to grow up, but sometimes you don't want to. That's what this EP is about: you're tempted to stay at Neverland because it's cute and you're young and free. But at the end of this album you say "Goodbye Neverland" because you know you have to go, so you have to go.

TOMORROW X TOGETHER always put their stories in their albums. How do you relate and fit in with what you just described?

TAEHYUN: The general theme of this album is "temptation". And I think as we get older, we face a lot of temptations from different places. The track that I felt was really our story is the third track "Happy Fools". We all contributed to making this song and it tells a story about succumbing to the temptation of laziness. Yeonjun did a wonderful job Above to align the music and the five of us contributed lyrics to make it truly our music.

What does the new single "Sugar Rush Ride" represent in your story?

HÜNINGKAI:I think this song pretty much sums up the overall theme of this album, which is temptation. So, talk about an irresistible and very, very sweet sugar temptation. So I think it represents our refreshing, dreamlike, even sensual charms.

SOOBIN:It's not just an experience we have, I think it's an experience we all have. So I think everyone can resonate with music as well.

"Sugar Rush Ride" has the lyrics "The devil said 'Give me, give me more'" and you have the song "Devil by the Window". With the theme of the album, what temptations are you fighting in your life?

HÜNINGKAI: I think the temptation you face on a daily basis is diet. So when you're on a diet, you really can't resist the temptation to eat. It's basically a food war. So I think this is the strongest and most terrifying temptation that we can face.

YONJUN:I agree.

You always look beautiful and the internet has gone crazy over your concept photos. Did you do anything special to prepare for this, mentally or physically?

YONJUN:Yes, I trained almost every day.

Tell us more about this album cover: Do you have concept photos for "Daydream", "Nightmare", "Farewell" and "Lullaby"..

TAEHYUN: Basically I can explain that our concept photo has different concepts and I think they are basically in chronological order. In "Daydream" we show how we succumb to temptation and how happy and content we succumb to temptation. For “Nightmare” we express how we recognize that we succumb to temptation and try to protect ourselves from temptation. In Farewell, we finally defeat temptation and overcome temptation.

You always emphasize that you want to grow with each album release. How do you feel you've grown with this new album?

HÜNINGKAI: Every time we release a new album, we try new and different genres. And of course we also tried many new genres for this album. So we were experimenting with the Afropop genre for the first time, which is quite a difficult genre, but I think everyone did a great job recording Tinnitus (Wanna Be a Rock) and we ended up doing really well. And apart from the songs, I think the concept as far as the photo is concerned, it was the first time we tried this "dream" concept, but all the members did a good job of realizing this concept.

What is everyone's favorite song on the album?

TAEHYUN: This is my favorite today, "Tinnitus (Wanna Be a Rock)".

HÜNINGKAI: I would choose “Farewell, Neverland” as the last song.

YONJUN: I choose Happy Fools.

SOOBIN: The same goes for HUENINGKAI, the last track "Farewell, Neverland".

BEOMGYU:I go to Happy Fools too.

TOMORROW X TOGETHER peaked at number 4 on the Billboard 200. I have a really good feeling about this album, but do you have new goals, hopes or dreams this time around?

HÜNINGKAI: Sure, playing the biggest stages and the AMAs.

YONJUN:Going to the [American Music Awards] was a really good experience, but next time we want to perform.

TAEHYUN: We also want to build and strengthen our color. We want people to listen to our music and think, "Hey, this is TXT and that was great."

What else would you like to emphasize to fans with this release?

TAEHYUN: Fans want spoilers and clues every time we release a new album. And I want to tell our fans that you can get a track from our next album by listening to tracks number one through number five in order.

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